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Corrosion : The Industry Problem


Corrosion (containment) manufacturing costs for End Users is very expensive given current cladding technologies. Current cost break-outs:

  • Wire 13%
  • Gas 5%
  • Power 2%
  • Labour & Overhead 80%

Our Underlying Technology

Market Forecast for Growth

Significant Technical Achievements to Date

  • Fully automated high-speed robotic cladding trials using Inconel 82 (I82) & Inconel 52 (I52).
  • Speed in the excess of 37 to 45 inches-per-min.  Three times as faster as current leading systems.

Our Industry Challenges

  • Identifying a strong business partner in the metals industry.
  • Seed funding to equip an R&D Lab.
  • Leverage technology to engage investors.
  • Introductions to influence specific policymakers at different companies in the metals industry (Nuclear specific).

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