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“Our world wide patent allows us to have a foothold in the global markets. We’re in the process of digitizing new systems, and we are in discussions with several larger manufacturers in the US to adopt this technology.”

Tennyson Harris

Our Innovation

Technical & Automation Help (TAH) has invented and patented a Robotic Metal Coating process (RMC) that protects the steel from rusting, and wear and increases the life span of the base material with state of the art technology until recently, too impractical and too expensive for other industries to use.

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Company Overview

TAH specializes in welding consultation and custom automation welding services and has created an innovative coating process that will revolutionize industries from Food to Chemicals.
High-Speed Robotic Coating of Metals is the name of the innovation and along with NRC in BC Canada, TAH is showcasing improvements and benefits with a state of the art Demonstration Model. RMC is our first innovative product to be structured for commercialization. With our groundbreaking technology, TAH would be a leader in steel protection solutions.

TAH is in business to licence RMC. Commercialization entails integrating the sophisticated innovation into the naval, piping, storage tanks of chemicals, nuclear, and automotive manufacturing where welding is a primary activity and where low-alloy steel is or can be used. In keeping with these goals to reach the public, TAH has integrated a Demonstration Unit to introduce RMC to new customers. At this stage, TAH is using our Demonstration Unit to assist in converting interest into revenue-generating customers.


TAH metal coating process was granted a patent for the use of instruction of pre-set computer programming in welding. TAH’s welding process and RMC method are faster and greener than the current cladding used in the industry. Stronger with better wear resistance to paint and powder coating. The process utilizes a robotic system in a novel manner to allow for high-speed deposit of metals in a much cleaner environment. Unlike current, less efficient, more costly, and highly unsafe processes, this high-speed robotic coating solution produces a less-costly, safer process, and produces a better quality product. As companies in Canada lose market shares and jobs in our industry,TAH has groundbreaking technology that will create high paying jobs for the community.

In conjunction with our automation welding services, TAH’s engineering staff will customize RMC technology to specific customers' requirements. Our services also extend to retrofitting current equipment by applying our patented improvements.

Traction / Validation

  • 2010 Partnership with University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • 2011 ESSO Research Grant
  • 2012 Winner of RIC Center Venture Start Award
  • 2013 Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement Award Nominee
  • 2013 Strategic Partnership with Canadore College (iCAMP)
  • 2013 Strategic Partnership with MaJIC in Northern ON
  • 2014 Discovery Ontario Centres of Excellence by FEDNOR
  • 2014 Collaboration Projects with NRC in BC
  • 2014 Commercial Cell with NRC in BC
  • 2014 Strategic Partnership with KUKA Robotic Canada
  • 2014 Strategic Partnership with Fronius
  • 2015 Provincial Funding Approval
  • 2015 Certified Management Consultants Program (CMC) – IRAP/NRC
  • 2015 Prospects and Developer Association of Canada (PDAC)
  • 2017 Received its Worldwide patent for Sys…
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