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What is Canada Digital Adoption Program services (CDAP)?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), by the Government of Canada, helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital technologies to increase their competitiveness. Eligible businesses will receive a grant to build their digital plan, followed by a 0% loan of up to $100,000 to implement it.

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CDAP Adoption Program

Looking to increase productivity? Need to consolidate your back-office software? Need better automation tools? With a plan tailored to your business, we can help with your digital transformation.

The CDAP Boost Your Business Technology grant helps SMEs:

-Reduce overhead costs.

-Speed up transactions.

-Manage inventory more efficiently.

-Improve supply chain logistics.

GET A $15,000 GRANT


A benefit from the Canada Digital Adoption Program is to mitigate the current labor shortage. Automation allows you to automate everyday tasks within your organization, improve customer service, track inventory,  automatically reorder stock, reduce your operating costs and improve your overall supply management.

Have Questions About CDAP? Project Already Approved?
Tell us about your automation needs, work with our team on your project and get CDAP funding.

What does it Cover

The loan covers items directly related to the digital plan. Some examples are:

-Acquiring IT equipment

-Installation of new technologies

-Updating and/or expanding IT equipment

-Training staff on onboarded technologies

-Materials and support services directly related to onboarding the technology

-Further advisory services on automation of the digital adoption plan

Are You Eligible?

Organizations that meet the following requirements are eligible to the CDAP funding. You can use the ISED’s assessment tool to confirm if you qualify:
Your are incorporated federally or provincially, or a Canadian resident sole proprietor.

You have generated at least $500,000 of annual revenue in one of the last 3 tax years.

You are a for-profit, privately owned company.

You have between 1 – 499 full-time employees.

How Organizations Can Apply for CDAP Funding

Confirm Your Eligibility

Use the self-assessment tool to determine if you are qualified.

Register to CDAP

Start your application on the ISED website.

Work with TAH

Contact our team to get your project started.

Get Funding

Upload your invoice to the ISED website and get funding.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) CDAP Loan

After you received your approved CDAP Plan from TAH and If you’re ready to move forward on your digital adoption plan but you don’t have the necessary cashflow, the BDC can help.


You’re eligible if you have completed a digital adoption plan:

as part of CDAP and have received your grant OR

under another recognized digital adoption program and submitted it to CDAP


BDC Loan Details

Loan Amount

Up to 100k

Loan Amount

Business revenues of $500,000 to $5 million: loans between $25,000 and $50,000

Business revenues over $5 million: loans between $25,000 and $100,000

Interest rate

0% interest

Interest rate

0% interest loan for up to $100,000.


5 years


The loan has a 5-year term with 12-month capital postponement (total of 6 years). There are no fees. You have 6 months from the completion of your approved plan to make a loan request. You must meet BDC credit worthiness requirements.

You will be redirected to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) website. Loan only available upon completion of an approved digital adoption plan. 


Frequent Ask Questions

How long does it take to get approved by CDAP?

Most of our clients received their approval within 72 hours on average.

Do you have any clients that were approved?

Many of our clients across serval industries, were successfully approved (SaaS, Insurance, etc.)

When is the funding sent?

After your automation plan is complete, simply upload your invoice to the ISED website and receive the funding.

Can TAH apply on our behalf?

Your application has to be submitted by an approved company director, but we can help walk you through the process.

Can I use the funding to purchase Automation tools?

Only professional services are currently covered by the CDAP grant.

Are there any fees to apply to / receive the grant?

The funding comes with no engagement or strings attached. It is 100% free.

Will BDC Advisory Services be able to help me with the creation of a digital adoption plan?

Yes, BDC is one of the registered service providers on the Digital Advisors Marketplace. If your business is deemed eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology stream, you will have access to a curated list of service providers that are right for you on the Digital Advisors Marketplace. You can then select the service provider that meets your needs.


Please note that selecting BDC as an advisor will not affect your chances of qualifying for a zero-interest loan. All businesses are treated equally, whether they are existing BDC clients or not.

Can I be considered for a loan if I already have a digital adoption plan?

If you have a Systems Selection plan or a digital adoption plan from BDC Advisory Services, or if you have another plan created by a digital adoption program recognised by ISED, you are invited to apply through the CDAP portal for the Boost Your Business Technology stream. During the application process, select the fast-track option and upload your plan. After it is approved, you will be referred to BDC to apply for the 0% loan.


To account for uncertainties and delays caused by the pandemic, existing plans of up to 24 months old are eligible for CDAP.


For the complete list of recognised programs, visit ISED’s website.

How long do I have to apply for the 0% loan after my digital adoption plan is approved?

You will have 6 months from the time you receive your personalized link from ISED to BDC to complete your loan application. If you’ve completed a digital adoption plan through another recognized program, you have 30 days to apply. If you exceed this timeframe, you will be ineligible for the loan.

What are the loan terms and amounts?

Zero-interest loan of up to $100,000 with a 5-year term + 12 months capital postponement (total of 6 years). CDAP is a four-year program, so you can apply for the program until 2026.


The amount of the loan is determined by the size of your business. If your annual gross revenues are:

  • between $500,000 and below $5M you can request a loan of between $25,000 and $50,000
  • $5M and more, you can request a loan between $25,000 and $100,000


The loan must be used solely for the implementation of a digital adoption plan that is recognized by the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology stream .


Please note that although the loan request is being made under CDAP, applicants must meet CDAP eligibility criteria and BDC credit worthiness requirements to receive a loan offer.


You can create your digital adoption plan, receive the grant that covers up to 90% of advisory services and then decide against the zero-interest loan. Participating in the digital plan portion of CDAP does not oblige you to apply for a loan. If you move forward to implement your plan, you can also source the required funds from your own cashflow or from your regular financial institutions.

When can I apply for a BDC loan?

The first step before applying for the loan is to have a digital adoption plan that is recognized by the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology stream. If you already have a digital adoption plan that was developed through a recognized government digital adoption program, you may be eligible to proceed directly to a loan application without developing a new plan.


Once your digital adoption plan has been reviewed by CDAP and if you are interested in applying for a loan, ISED will send you an email with a personalized link.


Please note that although the loan request is being made under CDAP, applicants must meet CDAP eligibility criteria and BDC credit worthiness requirements in order to receive a loan offer.

Can I repay an existing loan with this loan?

No. The loan under this program must be used to implement your digital adoption plan. You must be willing to attest to the use of the funds. Please understand that CDAP can audit you on this point.

Why was I declined for the loan when I passed program eligibility?

The program eligibility is only one step in the process of making the loan request.


Your business may be declined for multiple reasons. For example, it may not have met BDC’s credit worthiness criteria (ex: credit history, etc.).


Please note that although the loan request is being made under CDAP, applicants must meet CDAP eligibility criteria and BDC credit worthiness requirements to receive a loan offer.


Also, as the CDAP zero-interest loan is part of a standard loan application, standard banking practices apply. A declined loan request is reflected in your credit score. This is part of the consent you provide when applying for the loan.