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System and method for high-speed cladding of metals

A metal cladding process using an automated welding tool, the tool comprising at least one torch for receiving two weld wires to produce a molten pool on the metal, the process having the steps of providing a set of instructions in a non-transitory computer readable medium, the instructions executable by a processor to control the travel speed of the at least one torch; and control the oscillation pattern and frequency of the at least one torch, the oscillation pattern comprising a pause at each of a center position, a lateral left position and a lateral right position relative to a weld reference line.

TAH’s Solution Requirements

TAH’s Innovation

Reduce or eliminate the current disadvantages of GMAW cladding methods to create a process that has:

    •  Increased Versatility
    •  Minimum Dilution
    •  Improved Economics
    •  Improved Quality and Serviceability
    •  Low Heat Input 
    •  Low Inter-pass Temperatures

High Speed Robotic Cladding Technologies

Proprietary tandem machine setup:

1. 6 axis MIG Welding Robot
2. Tandem water-cooled MIG Welding Package
3. 2 axis servo control Gantry system

Vision-controlled capabilities:

1. Full video audit trail; image-based defect modelling
(VH X3D Viewer3 software)
2. Seam Tracking Camera, 1 bead viewing Camera
System plus Weld Puddle Camera CCD Camera

For detailed information check this.